Alternatives for Self Healing   
Terapia Alternativa de Reeducacion Cognitiva
"I have tried different types of therapy in the past.  I was referred by someone with bi-polar to this type of therapy.  It had helped her so I tried it.  Of all the different types of therapy I have been to, this by far is the one that has helped where even my family has noticed the difference.  I like it because it literally reprograms your mind from negative thinking to positive thinking.  You don't have to talk a lot or go into all this detail and relive your traumatic experiences.  It is different based on your "traditional" types of therapy but it really works.  I would recommend this to anyone." -Mrs. A.R.L., Mortgage Consultant

"I have been using alternative therapy since 2007.  After years of conventional therapy I did not have faith in therapy until my last attempt of something new...an Alternative.  After several weeks and months of this alternative therapy, I was relieved and happy to see such great results in myself and in my life.  I highly recommend Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy."
-Stephanie F., Program Staff

"Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy made me aware of how my past experiences were the reason I repeated negative thinking and behaviors.  It has helped me retrain my brain and thinking process to do what is correct and break bad habits.  My son has also benefited from A.C.R.T. as it has helped him deal with childhood traumas in such a way where he can be at peace regardless of the situations going on around him.  He has had the therapy done since he was an infant and he is now 4 years old.  I can see the benefit in both of us." -Ms. D.N.A., Office Clerk

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