Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy through Body Language Response Testing (ACRT)

Alternatives for Self Healing   
Terapia Alternativa de Reeducacion Cognitiva

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What is Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy?

Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy is an alternative therapy in which the process of negative thoughts based on perception, memory, and judgment are re-educated with the aid of Body Language Response Testing.  Body Language Response Testing is a method of physically testing a body reaction to a stimulus presented through verbal statements based on specific thoughts and feelings.  This is similar to a polygraph test-- a person's reaction to verbal information is being analyzed.

The information obtained by means of Body Language Response Testing is used to to aid in identifying the person's negative thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, or memories.  Once this information has been obtained, the process of Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy can now be utilized in re-educating the person's mind to a new positive thought that can be assimilated into the brain much more easily.  In turn, the negative thought can be converted into a positive thought process thus improving a person and their life.  This attributes to a person's well-being on all 8 basic levels of functioning.  It is safe for all ages.

How Is Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy Possible?

Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy is possible due to the fact that the human brain is the major organ of the nervous system and the organ of thoughts and emotions.  The brain is the body’s control center, and along with the spinal cord it constitutes the central nervous system (CNS), which consists of billions of nerve cells called neurons.  All impulses through this complex network of neurons communicate with each other through an electrochemical process.  The central nervous system receives input from sensory organs and receptors then sends signals to muscles and glands.  The result is an amazing communication system within the body.  The body’s response to this internal communication has been scientifically proven and is known as Body Language. This explains the term mind-body connection. In fact, this body language controls up to 93% of communication. Understanding and using this process is an aid in helping us create the balance needed for the healthier lifestyle we all desire.

How can Alternative Cognitive Re-Education Therapy benefit you?
  • Reduce Stress, Depression
  • Improve Relationships/Friendships
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Energy
  • Increase Joy
  • Reduce Health Issues
Break through Psychosocial barriers such as:
  • Self-Worth Issues
  • Self-Perception Issues
  • Child Abuse Trauma (Sexual, Verbal, Mental, Emotional, and Physical)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Trauma from an Accident
  • Marital or Relationship Issues
  • Financial Perception Issues
Sessions can be done:
  • One-on-One
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.


*****Alternatives for Self Healing is in no way a replacement for any medical advice or care of a physician or other healthcare professionals.  This is not used to diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications for any disease.  Conditions requiring medical attention should be referred to a physician.  Alternatives for Self Healing does not assume responsibility for such use.


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